My Experience As A Cum Laude And Honor Student

College is hard. Everybody knows that. The hardest part about college for me was trying to find myself and discover what field I actually wanted to study in. I started off as a computer science major and then I ended up finishing with an Interdisciplinary Studies degree. This was because I have a passion for foreign languages. My goal is to travel endlessly and experience new cultures. Some places that I want to go are Brazil, Thailand, Japan, and parts of Latina America. This is because I love the big butt culture of Brazil, the ladyboy culture of Thailand, and the anime and JK culture of Japan.

Surprisingly, I didn’t have too many friends in college. One girl would come over to me and talk to me almost every day. She would just keep talking and talking and I loved it. Then when I asked her to be my girlfriend, she gave me this goofy facial expression and just starred at me. She was very weird and maybe a little bit scared of commitment, so I just focused on studying instead of meeting friends.

I ended up graduating with a Bachelor of Arts as a cum laude, two certificates, and memberships to three honor societies. If I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t rely on financial aid so much and I would have worked a full-time job while I was in college. I used my financial aid money to buy a new cinema quality movie camera, pay off my car loan, get teeth straightening, tattoo removal, and I went to the hair salon. The movie camera was worth it though, because now I can make all my money back by filming movies.